Capybaraland Game

Student game for University of Art and Design Halle



The game based on a real event. Hundreds of capybaras roam around an exclusive residential area north of Buenos Aires. Local residents consider them a nuisance because they destroy gardens and even attack dogs. Wild capybaras are now roaming through their former habitat again and have sparked a political debate in the South American country.


How to play:

1 player game mode only


WASD + E for interactions





The game begins with us watching the news on television telling about the return of capybaras to their homelands where people already live. Capybaras don't know how to deal with human things, so they create chaos. A little Argentine girl decides to go to the area and put things in order. She feeds the capybaras, cleans up the garbage, and reconciles with other animals

Sketches for the game

Scene creation process

I wanted to make the game in bright, positive tones, since the gaming world is so full of quite aggressive games. My game has a pleasant, relaxing atmosphere so that logical puzzles can be solved without nerves.

Game mechanics

At first I thought of making interaction with objects using the mouse. But the teacher suggested using an additional key on the keyboard for interaction.

Game screenshots