Student animation for University of Art and Design



The idea was to create a video mixer that would be perfect for a kitchen party. The interface was created as close as possible to the conditions of human behavior in the kitchen. The prototype was created in the form of a stovetop reminiscent of a DJ mixer.




How to use without electric stove. It works only on PC!


1. Press with a mouse on a scene screen to activate animation and music.

1.2 Press one more time to turn off the music


Press on keyboard:

1-9 - to change color

Q,W or E - to change scene

A,S,D,F,G,H, or J - to show fruits on the sreen


It's time for party!




First concept

The hot plate has two potentiometers. Instead of adjusting the power of the burners, one changes the color of the animation, the second changes the image itself (the scene). If you put the fruits in a bowl, they will appear in the animation. The animation was programmed using the p5js and the stove itself using the Arduino. In general, the hotplate is represented as a keyboard in relation to the code. That is, when the potentiometers are scrolled the stovetop outputted letters or numbers. The animation was programmed by pressing the keyboard.

For my animation I chose a music genre: synthwave. It's energetic music that you always want to dance to and goes well with any party with friends. In the synthwave style, there are characteristic elements in the picture. These are perspective lines that create a feeling of road or even mountains. It's the mountains in the background and the sun in the middle.

I chose a regular portable stovetop, not a kid's one, as children's ones are smaller. And in my opinion it would not be very convenient for me.

An Arduino computer and two RFID sensors were used as technology. The RFID sensor codes integrated in the library were used to program the sensors. The most difficult process was programming RFID sensors due to the specificity of the code.

Arduino Sheme

Arduino Code

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